How Do I Know if I Should See a Sports Chiropractor?

The very, very short answer to your question is yes; anyone can benefit from seeing a sports chiropractor!

Whether you are a recreational, amateur or professional athlete, seeking to rehabilitate or prevent an injury, a sports chiropractor can help you. Or maybe, you just want to find a great strength and conditioning coach with advanced knowledge of your sport that can help you train to get to the next level or help prevent common, overuse injuries in your sport?

If so, a sports chiropractor has the right background for that too.


Hopefully, you’re not an athlete who can’t get a straight answer, or has seen numerous providers, yet come up empty on a definitive diagnosis or treatment plan that’s helped you.

But if you are, a sports chiropractor may be just the kind of provider you’re looking for.

If you’ve read to this point, then you understand some of the key differences in philosophy, training and techniques that are used by sports chiropractors and other sports medicine providers. While they may not be the choice of every athlete, they certainly are highly qualified professionals who can help you with nearly every facet of sports-related care.

By now, you should have a very good list of questions put together when meeting with someone to help you decide who you want to take care of you and why. Know what your goals are and what services and skills are important to you. Make sure you ask enough detailed questions of your prospective practitioner to ensure he or she is a good match for you.

If you still aren’t sure whom you should see or where you should go, then perhaps give us a call. While we can’t discuss specifics of your particular case over the phone or give care that way, we can certainly discuss broad issues related to your suspected or confirmed diagnosis and perhaps provide a perspective on your particular goals or situation, whichever the case may be. If you’re ready to see someone and get started, then we’re here to help!

Please give us a call today.

In the end, you are the only one who can make the decision on what care is the best for you. And one step further, even with the help of a skilled sports chiropractor, your progress and success in any training or treatment program depends on the work you put in.

Working with a sports chiropractor, however, can be a big factor in your overall success.