What Kind of Care Does a Sports Chiropractor Give?

Sports chiropractors treat high-level, elite athletes, but they can and also do treat everyday people and everyone in between too.

No matter who what level your at, a sports chiropractor can take care of everything from rehabilitation of an injury to helping you achieve a PR.


Many sports chiropractors treat common, overuse injuries. Runners who suffer with hip, knee or foot injuries or pain, overhead athletes like volleyball, baseball and tennis players who have shoulder or upper extremity injuries or pain and sports traumas, even concussions are managed by sports chiropractors. They can evaluate, diagnose and treat just about any sports related injury or performance issue.

Sports chiropractors are trained to use multiple imaging modalities such as x-ray, CT, MRI and Musculoskeletal Ultrasound to evaluate for injury and track the progress of rehabilitation.

While physical therapists are still the main provider of rehabilitative care in a postoperative scenario, sports chiropractors can and often are used in the evaluation of preoperative patients prior to orthopedic surgery.

Most sports chiropractors are athletes themselves, so they may gravitate towards or work more with a certain type of athlete just because they have first hand knowledge of the sport’s commonly incurred injuries and its physical demands.

This type of experience is invaluable to someone suffering with an injury, not only from a practical knowledge standpoint, but also from the psychological boost that comes from working with someone who’s personally, successfully rehabbed from the same or similar injury in the past.

Many sports chiropractors (if not all) will practice what they preach. They understand the holistic benefits of healthy diet and lifestyle not only in the world of sports, but in everyday life as well.

They are hands on teachers with in-depth knowledge of anatomy, strength and endurance training as well as correction of improper bio-mechanics through strength and conditioning. They’re intimately familiar with the techniques they use because they use them themselves.

A good sports chiropractor understands the fundamental bio-mechanics involved in your sport.

This in-depth knowledge allows them to not only better diagnose and differentiate common sports injuries, but also formulate a more effective treatment plan if you are injured, or better yet, get you on a plan to prevent injury.